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Rare color footage of Tunisia late 19th-early 20th centuries

Оригинал взят у pigshitpoet в Rare color footage of Tunisia late 19th-early 20th centuries
The exquisite palaces and lively markets of Tunisia in the first decade of the French protectorate

Originally posted by b_picture at Редкие цветные кадры из Туниса рубежа XIX-XX веков


Prior to photography, these prints in the sunny streets of Tunisia, Fotohromiju (colored lithograph) was initiated by Swiss Publisher in the 1880's in which monochrome images are given realistic colors and shades using with the cover plates from lithographic limestone of the photosensitive emulsion. The process begins with the cover plates from lithographic limestone of the photosensitive emulsion exposed from photo negatives in the sun for a few hours. The emulsion hardened immediately in proportion to the shades of the image. More soft emulsion fragments were disposed of with solvent, and the stone held the lithograph image.

Photographer carefully outlined particular colors in the photo according to his records for preparing separate lithographic stones for each color in the final image. Often one image used more than a dozen lithographic stones. As a result of a complex and delicate process the images were incredibly colourful with much greater accuracy than conventional painted pictures.

Street in Kairouan

Bazaar, Souk El-Truk in Tunisia

Local residents of Tunisia

St. Louis at Carthage

Private living room, Qasr al-Saeed

Bedroom late Bey of Tunisia, Qasr al-Saeed, Tunisia

Views of Kairouan from the Grand Mosque

Market in Kairouan

Streets Of Kairouan


Wandering Cook, Kairouan

The coastal region in Sousse

Views of Tunisia from Paris

Marr Street in Tunisia

The Bedouin family of beggars

Near the Moorish café

Bab Square Suika-Suker, Tunisia

The throne room of the Palace of Bardo, Tunisia

The judicial Hall of the Palace of Bardo, Tunisia

The Hospital Gardens

Kasbah market in Tunisia

French gate, Tunisia

Bazaar in Tunisia

Moorish café

Ivory market, Tunisia

Street procession in Kairouan

At the entrance to the mosque, Tunisia

Address by the caster snakes in Tunisia

Mosque of St. Catherine in Tunisia

Sellers of couscous, Tunisia

A group of Arabs before the Bab Aleona, Tunisia

Halt nomads

Улица в Тунисе.

Bedouin woman

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Later that same century...

Miles Davis & Charlie Parker - A Night In Tunisia (Gillespie-Paparelli)

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